Canyoning in Madeira

Experience canyoning in Madeira

Canyoning in Madeira, Portugal is a great sport for young and old people, most fun is to visit the gorges and canyons together!
You need special material for the exercise, some of which you can borrow on the island, for example in Calheta.

Necessary canyoning material
Two-piece, 5 mm thick wetsuit with hood
Neoprene socks and possibly neoprene gloves
Shoes with a soft sole and firm shaft
Mountaineering helmet and canyoning harness according to the latest CE standard
Canyon backpack and waterproof box
Three times the length of the highest rapel
First aid kit
Rescue material adapted to the tour

In Madeira, an island with an area of 700 square kilometers, we find around 100 canyons with plenty of waterfalls. At least half of them are already equipped for canyoning. During the winter of 2019 - 2020, some municipalities put up information signs for the people who practice this sport.
The best known area with the most tours is the north coast between Seixal and Porto Moniz. But you can also find gorges near Funchal, Machico or Calheta. No matter what level of difficulty you are looking for, you will definitely find it in Madeira.

Some well known canyons with a high reputation
Hortela (superior and inferior)
Ribeira Funda
Aqua d Alto
Ribeira do Lajeado (waterfall of Risco)

Canyoning consists of various activities such as swimming, walking, climbing, jumping, sliding and abseiling. The sport takes place in the heart of nature, between high rock walls, along waterfalls and through deep pools. Several participants form a group, in which each one relies on the other, this also applies to tours that are guided by a certified guide.
Basic safety precautions are always essential: established expert knowledge, a knowledge of the local weather conditions of the current and the last few days, as well as its effects on the water level in the gorge. Participants should be able to swim and, depending on the current conditions, a good knowledge about white water is mandatory. At least one participant in the group should be able to master all the necessary rope techniques, it is best if this applies to everyone in the group.
If you do not want to take part in a guided tour, we therefore recommend the most solid training possible.
In case of any doubt about the conditions of the canyons you wish to visit, do not hesitate to ask some of the local professionals or book a guide.

An international canyoning meeting takes place in Madeira every year. Here the great possibilities of the island are presented to a public from all over the world.
In 2020 it will take place from June 8th to June 13th.

Short descriptions of some canyons

Here we present brief informations about some tours in Madeira..
We will ad more step by step.

Canyoning Ribeira Voltas


The Ribeira des Voltas is a fairly simple and short canyoning tour that allows absolute beginners to get closer to this great sport. Of course in the usual quality!
Canyoning Lajeado

Lajeado, Calheta

The Canyon Lajeado on the plateau Paul da Serra contains several sections. The most spectacular and most difficult part are the well known Risco waterfalls.
Canyoning Folhado

Folhado, Porto Moniz

The Folhado gorge in the mountain range above Seixal is a very compact tour without long walks between the waterfalls and with great abseilers. Worth a visit!
Canyoning Camisa


The Canyoning Tour Camisa is located above Ponta Delgada in a deep valley. The way leads through jungle-like landscape, abseilers up to 30 meters are waiting for you.
Canyoning Seixal


The canyon Seixal near the city of the same name, is an exciting tour between dark rock walls. Beautiful abseiling and a few slides are waiting for visitors. Including a steep access.
Canyoning Ribeira Funda


Canyoning in the Ribeira Funda is extremely spectacular, the second waterfall is fifty meters high. Accompanied by a great shower, it leads into the depths of the gorge.
Canyoning Agua Alto

Agua Alto

The Agua Alto waterfall presents a difficult, exposed path that leads to the entry and a high abseiler, which is descended in three stages after a hand rail. Spectacualr sea view.
Canyoning Ribeira Vimieiro


The Vimieiro Gorge is reserved for experts on the rope, several abseiling points can only be reached via a rope railing. Additionally there are also intermediate relais to be passed.