Canyoning equipment rental in Madeira

Rent canyoning equipment in Madeira

Our canyoning equipment rental in Madeira enables you to visit unusual gorges or spontaneously take friends with you, even if you did not bring sufficient equipment with you on your vacation to the flower island.
For example, are you missing a long rope for the great Rabacal waterfall? Or a warm wetsuit and helmet for your girlfriend or boyfriend? Or do you need a canyoning harness because yours stayed at home?
Are you tired of going on vacation with two full bags just because a canyoning tour should be on the program?
No matter what it is, we will present you the solution to your problem, we lend you every single piece of equipment, whether helmet, harness, carabiner or neoprene! Or the complete package at a special price. We have two-piece wetsuits from the renowned brand Vade Retro in almost all sizes from 12 (12 year old canyonist) to T7 (over 200 cm and over 120 kg) in stock, as well as a sufficient number of canyoning harnesses, helmets, backpacks, individual carabiners and lots of ropes in various lengths. The entire material is almost completely new (purchase in January 2020) and is checked by us after each use in accordance with PPE regulations and completely cleaned and disinfected.

Upon request, we will provide you with the right information and topos about the individual canyons. Even a transfer or assistance with reparking your car is possible.
It doesn't matter whether your chosen canyon is in Funchal, Santana, Paul do Mar, Seixal, Machico, Sao Vicente or Calheta!

Material we lend:
Two-piece wetsuit, 5 mm thick, with a hood
Neoprene socks and neoprene gloves
Mountain sports helmet according to the latest CE standard
Canyoning harness with neoprene protection
Canyoning backpack
Waterproof screw barrel
First aid kit
Ascenders, carabiners, knives, etc.
Ropes in all imaginable lengths

Other services:
Free information about the canyons
Free topos for the tours when renting equipment
Transfer rides
Help with re-parking

We at Team Casa Vento are here for you, we offer complete trips, individual activities and delicious meals in Ribeira Brava, Madeira.

Canyoning equipment for hire

You can rent the following canyoning equipment from us in Madeira:
If you can't find something, don't hesitate to contact us.

Canyoning equipment rental Madeira

Complete package

Everything you need for a canyoning tour: Complete wetsuit including socks and gloves, helmet, harness with lanyard, backpack, screw barrel and a medium-length rope.
Wetsuit in different sizes


Top quality from Vade Retro, specially made for canyoning. Two-part with hood, thickness 5 mm. Abrasion protection in all exposed areas. Color blue / black.
Neoprene socks rental Calheta

Neoprene socks

3 mm thick neoprene socks without holes with a slip stop on the sole. Indispensable against cold feet in the canyon. Available in different sizes and freshly disinfected.
Canyon neoprene gloves

Neoprene gloves

When the water is unexpectedly cold, which is a common occurrence in Madeira's gorges during the winter months. Thickness 3 mm, without holes, different sizes in stock.
Mountaineering helmet for canyoning

Canyoning helmet

Nobody should go on tour without a helmet that has been tested according to CE standards. High quality from LACD, easily adjustable even with gloves, color white.
Beal canyoning harness with lanyard

Canyoning harness

Beal Hydroteam canyoning harness with abrasion protection on the rear. Double Edelrid lanyard with one screw carabiner each. Petzl Huit figure eight descender with screw carabiner.
Rent a canyoning backpack Maskoon in Santana

Canyoning backpack

Maskoon canyoning backpack with extremely comfortable shoulder and hip straps. 45 liter volume and separate bottom compartment for the screw barrel, different colors.
Waterproof barrel for canyoning in Seixal

Waterproof box

Curetec wide neck barrel with 6.5 liters volume. Color-coded lid to prevent confusion with the first aid bin. With this barel, your packed lunch and the car key are protected.
Borrow a first aid kit in Madeira

First aid kit

According to the current CIC Canyoning professional association regulations. Including Sam Splint tape. When using (opening the bin) there is a flat fee of 30 euros.
LED headlamp


If you want to go on tour at night you will of course need a headlamp. Even during many approaches to the canyons you cross dark Levada tunnels. Some are a few hundred meters long.
Borrow carabiners Ribeira Brava
ab 1Euro

Equipment rental small parts

Various special materials such as ascenders, additional carabiners, knives, webbings, quickdraws, spare eights, bivouac material or wrenches. Whatever you need.
Rent a canyoning rope
ab 2Euro


High-quality 9 or 10 mm canyoning ropes in various lengths between 10 and 200 meters. Different colors to prevent mix-ups when retrieving. Prices depending on length.
Packed lunch canyoning


Our kitchen fairy will prepare a delicious packed lunch for you: a drink, a generous sandwich, fruit and a chocolate bar for your canyoning tour in Madeira. Brings the power back.