Lunchpacket in Madeira

Your packed lunch in Ribeira Brava

Your tasty snack to go:
Freshly prepared for you every day
Baguette with lettuce, cold cuts, cheese, cucumber, tomato and much more, just as you wish
Wholesome granola bar or sweet chocolate bar
Fresh fruit with lots of vitamins of your choice
Sparkling drink as desired: water, cola or juice
The packed lunch will be ready for you after breakfast

You need enough energy to discover the wonderful flower island Madeira. This is no problem with the lunchpacket that I have freshly prepared for you! In this way you will always stay fit and well strengthened during your activities, be it on a visit to Funchal or on a hike to Pico Ruivo.

I, Sibel, am your host for any catering offer and I am happy to offer you your individual food to take away.

Your snack for to go

Your snack for on the go! Whether you go on a canyoning tour, do a levada hike or just want to leave the island by car. The packed lunch that I have personally prepared for you is a welcome snack between meals. On the day of your arrival, regardless of whether you have an active holiday or accommodation in Casa Vento in the Ribeira Brava, we will show you how you can organize your lunchpacket. You will receive a card on which all enclosures are noted. According to your own taste, you can now tick what you like to see. Let me know the day before how you want your packed lunch and the next day it will be ready for you!

Snack to go in Arco da Calheta, Madeira

Your lunchpacket

You can redesign your snack for the following day every day - usually in the evening. If you don't want that, I'll always prepare the snack you last entered. We will be happy to explain more about our packed lunch system on site.

Your food in Ribeira Brava

Your tasty sandwich

The snack for on the go consists of a baguette bread or a large bread roll. As a side dish there is cold cut (salami or ham) and / or cheese, crispy tomatoes and delicious cucumber. The whole thing is garnished with other lettuce leaves.

Drink in Ribeira Brava

Your drink for you

The drink should of course not be missing. Here, too, you can determine according to your taste. Would you like a can of the drinks in our guest fridge (Cola, Sprite or Fanta) or would you prefer a 1.5 liter bottle of still or sparkling water?

Fruit in Ribeira Brava

Fruit for your snack

Having a healthy ingredient in your lunchpacket is important! For this we offer you seasonal fruit. You can choose from apples, bananas or other types of fruit. You are welcome to have two pieces of fruit instead of a chocolate bar or vice versa.

Chocolate bar in Madeira

Chocolate bar for you?

Last but not least, something sweet must of course not be missing. The chocolate bar or a granola bar are available for your cross. The same applies here: if you'd rather two bars instead want fruit, no problem! Enjoy your meal!

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