Hiking in Madeira

Hiking in Madeira

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Besides the famous levadas and the many high peaks, there are plenty of other adventures for your hike in Madeira, Portugal. Hike to the old pier in Sao Jorge, the last few meters are good for plenty of adrenaline and a thundering sea.
A couple of great tours start in Prazeres, for example through the Ribeira Seca ou do Paul to Paul do Mar. The path leads over an old and in places very steep path through the gorge, which daredevils can also climb when canyoning.
The route from Arco to Sao Cristovao leads directly through the northern cliffs. Some passages are very exposed and offer fascinating views of the gigantic sea.
Your hiking guide Michael speaks German, English and French.

Well-known walks in Portugal

The following hikes can be found in our program, we are happy to work out individual routes.

Hike Lombo do Mouro

Lombo do Mouro

Short, two-hour route that first runs along a levada and then leads spectacularly through a steep rock face past a high waterfall. From the highest point we have a great view of Sao Vicente and a fascinating play of clouds in the direction of Pico Ruivo. The hiking destination, the Pinaculo, is also a popular destination for climbers. Several wind turbines can be seen on foot on the Paul da Serra plateau.
The coast of Sao Jorge

Port of Sao Jorge

A rather short hike with a spectacular end along a path carved into the rock that leads more or less unsecured to the old pier. Of course you can leave out this piece. The older path underneath is downright frightening, as it contained a wobbly bamboo ladder and is no longer usable these days. Nature shows all it's strength. Sometimes we can watch big waves here.
Hike Ponta do Clerigo

Ponta do Clerigo

Faial in Santana is known to many for the Eagle Rock. Right next door, a panoramic hike awaits you on a rock ridge that juts far into the roaring Atlantic Ocean and towers up to a hundred meters above the water. Unforgettable views of the north coast are guaranteed when the sky is blue. The path is peppered with numerous surprises, of which we will of course not reveal anything here.
Hiking Ribeira Seca to Paul do Mar

Ribeira Seca ou do Paul

At first glance, one might not think that it is possible to descend to Paul do Mar through the narrowly cut Ribeiro Seco ou do Paul gorge. Many years ago the path, artfully paved with natural stones, was the only connection to Paul do Mar that did not cross the sea. The path meanders steeply through the canyon walls and enables magical views of the many waterfalls. It ends near the port.
Hike, walk Arco

Arco - Sao Cristovao

An old supply route leads to Sao Cristovao through the middle of the seemingly impassable cliffs at Arco de Sao Jorge. Here, too, time has left its mark and the forces of nature have carried away some of the railings, but the path is still usable for hikers. You should bring a little recklessness and height stability as well as a camera. A couple of dreamy cafes are waiting for us in Sao Cristovao.
Vereda do Pesqueiro

Vereda do Pesqueiro

We have combined two paths that lead through the cliffs at Ponta do Pargo into a fascinating circular route: A breathtaking descent along the Vereda do Pesqueiro leads to the thundering sea. We follow the stone beach for a few hundred meters and watch the waves roll on. The steep ascent through the cactus fields near Faja Grande requires strong nerves and absolutely no fear of heights.

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