Lost Places in Madeira

Madeira and the Lost Places

Famous Lost Places:
Swimming pool at the airport
Ruins Bay of Sao Jorge
Funchal sugar factory
Aquaculture Seixal
Ponta do Sol port
Excavator Achadas da Cruz

Of course, the Lost Places movement did not stop at Madeira either. On Casa Vento&apo;s favorite island there are buildings and other possessions that have been left for many reasons and seem to have been abandoned. Often times it is too expensive to clean up old dilapidated houses. Sometimes the ownership structure cannot be clarified, for example if the owner has left the island or has died and the heirs do not know or want to know nothing about their supposed happiness. Sometimes people just don't care.
Due to the rather moderate climatic conditions, many of the abandoned places are still very well preserved, unless they are near the sea, where the salty air eats its way mercilessly through the material, especially if it is metal.
With Holiday in Madeira you can discover the beauty of such alleged wastes of civilization and be amazed at the treasures waiting to be revived.
In any case, it is imperative that you respect private possessions, it is often better to ask for a right to visit in advance than to surprise neighbors or owners.
Of course, this category is regularly supplemented and expanded. Do you have a great tip? Then write us a message!

What is there to discover?

We will show you the hidden beauties of Madeira away from the popular tourist crowds. Discover with us, for example, the disused swimming pool at the airport or the abandoned fish farm in Seixal. You will love the morbid beauty and you can take wonderful photos and videos that show the island from another side.
A certain amount of discovery is of course part of a visit to the Lost Places, it is often not easy to find the locations and even inside the old buildings it is often dark and winding corridors form labyrinths. Finding out how life once raged in these places or which part had which function has a special charm.

Guided visits

Of course, Casa Vento Madeira also offers you guided tours to the various lost places. To do this, simply click on the respective button under the desired tour.

Madeira Lost Places

We have given the experiences a corresponding level, it relates to the accessibility and the spaciousness. The lower the rating, the easier it is to reach the property. The prevailing dangers also flow into the grade, they ensure an appreciation or depreciation. The swimming pool at the airport, for example, is very easy to reach (Level 1), very spacious (Level 1) but largely contains a risk of fall, as it is completely unsecured. Therefore this Lost Place is given level 2.

Here are the Lost Places offered by Casa Vento (the specified duration is the pure time at or in the Lost Place):

Somagel, Porto Novo

Cannery Somagel

Even on the Google Maps satellite map you can see the Somagel logo on the roof of the huge facility. The ravages of time are gnawing at this abandoned facility, whose halls are so large that you can drive around them by car.
Fort Batista, Machico

Fort Batista, Machico

To the east of beautiful Machico Beach, the ruin-trained eye discovers an abandoned building project with probably a gorgeous views of the bay. A lack of permits, a lack of money, whatever made the owners not finishing this actually beautiful project.
Lost Place port Ponta do Sol

Port Lugar de Baixo

A wonderful example of how to sink several millions. In Lugar de Beixo, a sports boat harbor including a leisure center was to be built. The force of the sea was stronger. You can bet that those responsible, will have their financial sheep in the dry!
Lost Places Swimming pool at the airport

Swimming pool

Before the expansion of Funchal Airport, there was a luxury hotel, which had to give way to the extension of the runway. What remains is a spacious swimming pool and a few apartments that are inhabited by locals.
Lost Place Aquaculture Seixal

Aquaculture Seixal

An aquaculture was operated on the north coast between Seixal and Porto Moniz several years ago. After the system was damaged several times by the waves in strong winds, the area fell more and more victim to the salty water.
Excavator in Achadas da Cruz

Excavator Achadas da Cruz

This abandoned construction machine can be reached either by a one-hour descent or by cable car from Achadas da Cruz. It is best to combine the visit with a relaxed tour of the almost abandoned former plantation. Ask about the little bar!
Truck chassis on Faja dos Padres beach

Truck Faja dos Padres

A number of years ago in Faja dos Padres they either tried to dispose of an old truck in the sea or a road was torn down by the raging sea together with the vehicle. Only the solid metal was not dismantled by hand or the salt water.

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