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Directions to Casa Vento

A few meters down and you're already there

Our address


Caminho da Nunes 35

9350-133 Ribeira Brava / Madeira

Google Maps: Casa Vento Madeira

GPS-Data: 32.675810, -17.055328



+49 170 757 01 78

+351 933 345 138


Equipment rental:

7:30 to 9 a.m. and 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Meeting for the activities: 8:30 a.m.

Please contact us to arrange other times

Directions to the parking at Casa Vento

Casa Vento is located on a one-way street called Caminho da Nunes, the house number is 35. "Casa Vento Madeira" is also on Google Maps including the correct GPS data. So you can simply navigate to our location using the house name.

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Parking Casa Vento, Ribeira Brava

Parking Ribeira Brava

As already mentioned, our house is at the beginning of a one-way street. We recommend parking along the main street, ideally in front of this old house. There are no parking spaces on our property.

Casa Vento

Casa Vento

Directly opposite towards the Atlantic you can already discover our pretty Casa Vento. Here we have set up our active base and our extensive equipment rental, centrally located in Madeira.

Down the slope

How to get there on foot

Now orient yourself down the steep concrete slope, Casa Vento is on your right-hand side. When we prepare our tours in front of the material store, we have usually already noticed that you are coming.

Entrance gate

Entrance gate

After about fifty meters downhill you will reach a wide, green entrance gate, behind which is usually our small red Fiat Panda. Wetsuits often hang out to dry on the line and Michael whirls around.

The bell


On the right is our mailbox and the bell. If we are not busy putting together the sports equipment or your personal rental equipment, we will be there in a few moments.

Warm welcome


Look forward to a warm welcome and impeccable service in our Casa Vento in Moreno, Ribeira Brava. Whatever your reason for visiting us. We look forward to seeing you!

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