Active vacation in Madeira

Your active vacation in Madeira

Services included with us:
Airport transfer
Accommodation in a holiday home or on the campsite
Accommodation in a vacation home incl. rental car (driving license required!)
7 x breakfast / 7 x packed lunch / 6 x dinner
Full board
Climbing course
Mountain hike
Levada Walk
Free equipment for the activities
All services from a single source

The active vacation Madeira includes all services for a complete holiday. The airport transfer, your accommodation, full board and a great activity package are included in the travel price. We are also happy to assist you with booking your flight.
We are waiting for you at Funchal Airport and will bring you directly to your accommodation in our car, regardless of whether it is an apartment, a room in a holiday home or a place on the campsite.
The physical well-being is guaranteed by our full board, consisting of a delicious breakfast, a full packed lunch and a nutritious dinner or barbecue.
The active package includes a canyoning tour, a climbing course a mountain hike and a walk along a levada. We provide all of the special sports equipment, such as a wetsuit or climbing harness, free of charge.
Experience a week full of exciting experiences and take home a sack full of unforgettable memories, be it in your head or on the memory card. On request, we can burn a picture DVD for you.
Welcome to an active holiday on the flower island!

What is an active vacation?

The focus of an active holiday is on various sports activities such as hiking, climbing, canyoning and much more. There are just as few limits to the imagination of the providers as to the wishes of the customers. During the activities you will get to know your holiday destination in a very special way. We take you to places that you would never find on your own, bring you intense experiences between rock and water, between heaven and earth and between astonishment and delight.
Here in Madeira, we complement your discoveries with extensive and delicious meals and accommodation according to your own personal choice. Many little extras such as the airport transfer and a picture DVD round off your holiday in Madeira.
We are looking forward to your visit!

Active vacation accommodation


We offer you different types of accommodation, choose between holiday homes, apartments, single or double room or camp on our campsite. We will find the right solution for every request, even if you travel with a larger group.

Active vacation catering


The three-part catering provides for the physical well-being: Breakfast, a daily packed lunch and a delicious dinner or barbecue are prepared with love by Sibel. Of course, we also take vegetarian meal requests into account.

Active vacation activities


An exciting mix of different tours that build on each other awaits you with Casa Vento: Canyoning in the Madeiran gorges, climbing rocks directly by the sea, great hikes to the peaks of the island or walks along the levadas.

Your included activities

The following activities are part of your active vacation Madeira.
Depending on the conditions such as the weather, the tours may vary.

Canyoning Madeira


Madeira is one of the European hotspots for canyoning. During your active holiday we will descend one of the beautiful and green gorges.
Climbing course by the sea

Climbing course

We will teach you the climbing and belaying techniques on a beautifully situated climbing rock. Enjoy exciting experiences of success.
Mountain hike Pico Ruivo

Mountain hike

We climb one of the many mountain peaks on the flower island and enjoy a fantastic panorama. Tunnels, exposed paths and steep walls await us.
Levada Walk in Madeira

Levada Walk

Almost without slope we hike along a fascinating irrigation canal to waterfalls deep in one of Madeira's beautiful gorges.

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