Hiking week in Madeira

Your hiking week in Madeira

Services included with us:
Airport transfer
Accommodation in a cottage or on the campsite
Accommodation in a vacation home incl. rental car (driving license required!)
7 x breakfast / 7 x packed lunch / 6 x dinner
Full board
Five different hikes
Free rental equipment
All services from a single source

Madeira is a well-known destination for your hiking week: the levadas are world-famous and the many rugged peaks and the spectacular paths up the mountains have a very special charm. Since the island is still quite young in terms of geological history, the slopes are predominantly extremely steep, the laid out paths and water channels are a piece of art, many hiking and trekking trails also lead through dark tunnels, a lamp is often an indispensable piece of equipment.
Book your hiking trip with us, this is the only way to benefit from the many advantages of a well-organized travel package. You receive all services from a single source: your accommodation, full board, airport transfer and five different hikes make up an inclusive package. Depending on the wishes of our guests and the weather conditions, we climb two mountain peaks, hike along two levadas to hidden waterfalls and discover Madeira's coast for a day. If you need special equipment such as a headlamp or a small backpack, we will provide it free of charge. In this way you save one or two pieces of luggage on your self-organized flight.
You can choose from the following accommodation categories: holiday homes for yourself and your family or friends, apartments and single or double rooms. We also offer a place for our camping friends.
The full board takes care of the physical well-being, it consists of a morning breakfast, contains a daily packed lunch and in the evening we meet at dinner or at the barbecue to exchange the experiences of the day. Due to the mild climate, we can have most of our meals outside.
We accompany your tours with photo and video recordings, on request we will burn a picture DVD of your personal trip as a souvenir.
Welcome to our Casa Vento in Madeira!

What is a hiking holiday?

Your hiking holiday in Madeira is all about the incomparable nature on the flower island. Together we discover different mountain peaks, hidden gorges through which levadas run, penetrate into dark tunnels or explore old coastal paths that are often artistically restored. Let yourself be captured by the magic of the island.
As your hiking guide, I will bring you closer to nature on the many hiking trails and share one or the other anecdote. Get to know other hiking friends and make new friends.
We round off your hiking trip with comfortable accommodation and delicious full board. You receive all services except for your arrival directly from one source, namely ours. Your vacation is free from everyday tasks, you can fully concentrate on your relaxation and nature experiences: Discover Madeira with us.

Hiking week accommodation


You have a free choice from our wide range: single or double rooms, apartments or a complete holiday home. We look forward to guests who would like to camp. In any case, we guarantee you high quality!

Hiking vacation catering


We also take care of your physical well-being with commitment: The catering consists of a delicious breakfast, a packed lunch every day and a dinner on our sun terrace or in our cozy dining room.

Hiking vacation activities


The hiking package on your vacation includes a total of five hikes, two of them on mountain peaks, two of them along exciting levadas and one on an old coastal path. Let yourself be surprised.

Hikes in Madeira

Countless hikes of every level of difficulty can be undertaken in Madeira.
Depending on your previous knowledge and circumstances that cannot be influenced, such as the weather, we will surprise you with exciting routes. Browse through the examples below.

Mountain hikes

The Sao Lourenco peninsula

Sao Lourenco

You must have already marveled at the eastern tip, the Sao Lourenco peninsula, during your approach by airplane. A spectacular path leads to almost the last summit.
Pico Grande Madeira

Pico Grande

Wonderful paths along unique vegetation lead to the Pico Grande. From the summit there is a fascinating panorama from the harbor to the highest mountain. Including a few meters of climbing.
Hike to the Pico Ruivo

Pico Arieiro - Pico Ruivo

The absolute highlight of the island is the way from Pico Arieiro to Pico Ruivo. The most exciting route to Madeira's highest mountain leads through tunnels and steep stairs.

Levada walks

The Levada Nova

Levada Nova

Certainly the most photographed waterfall is located in the middle of the Levada Nova, which runs parallel to the Levada do Moinho. The path leads deep into a ravine and ends at a barbecue area.
Hike Levada dos Cedros

Levada dos Cedros

The Levada dos Cedros leads through the pristine laurel forest to several waterfalls and finally to an enchanted meadow, which is often covered in fog. Be careful not to get lost.
The waterfalls 25 Fontes

25 Fontes

The 25 sources and the corresponding levada are known throughout Europe. The way there is demanding and very worthwhile. Tunnel passages included.
Hike Caldeira Inferno

Caldeira Verde + Inferno

Madeira's Royal Levada is also the longest and most spectacular hike deep into the Inferno Gorge and ends at a one hundred meter high waterfall that plunges down the endless wall.

Other treks

The old port of Sao Jorge

Port Sao Jorge

The old port near Sao Jorge can only be reached via an exposed, partially crumbled landing stage, the waves rustle menacingly under the narrow wooden bridge. Spectacular!
The gorge Ribeira Paul

Ribeira Seca ou do Paul

In the middle of Prazeres begins a steep and deep gorge, the Ribeira Seca, through which an old but restored path leads down to Paul do Mar. With great views of the Atlantic.
Trek Arco to Sao Cristovao

Arco - Sao Cristovao

The old coastal path from Arco to Sao Cristovao has been artistically restored. Goosebumps are guaranteed on this section, it leads through the middle of the steep coast.

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