Things to do, rain in Madeira

Madeira in bad weather

Activities when it rains:
Sao Lourenco peninsula
Go karting under the airport
Climbing under the airport
Funchal market hall
Funchal Toy Museum
Viva Bowling Camacha
Cable car Achada da Cruz
Aquarium Porto Moniz
Lava cave Sao Vicente
North Mills Destillerie Porto da Cruz
Rainbow hunt, whole island

If you don't feel like getting wet during a hike in Madeira in rain or bad weather, there are still numerous activities in and around Funchal and in the north of the island.
Many of the things to do are free and take place protected from rain under a large roof or completely indoors. Let yourself be inspired and put together your own personal experience for bad weather.
Visit the kart track or the artificial climbing wall under the airport's extended runway, immerse yourself in the world of the lava caves in Sao Vicente, visit the North Mills Distillery in Porto da Cruz or take the steepest cable car in Europe to the Achada da Cruz plain. Many great adventures are open to you.
Please make sure to inquire about the opening times before you set off.
We at Casa Vento Madeira are always on the hunt for great experiences on our favorite island, which we have been living on since January 2020.

What do we do when it rains?

If you are hard-boiled and don't shy away from wet clothes, you can go hiking in the normal way even when it rains, on some levada hikes you cross waterfalls anyway, but some Madeira visitors prefer to switch to activities that take place indoors in bad weather. Since the temperatures are pleasant even in the cold season, we will use the term a little broader.
Basically, Madeira is an island with a microclimate, i.e. when it rains in the north, the south often awaits you with a bright blue sky. A very detailed weather forecast, ideally with rain radar, is helpful when it comes to finding a dry spot. When the clouds are very low, it can be sunny and warm at Pico Arieiro, for example.
For the few days of the year when the entire island is haunted by the life-giving water, we have selected a handful of alternative activities for you.

Plenty of sun in the north


You will not always find such fantastic conditions for your activities in Madeira. The north of the flower island in particular is more often under clouds. As long as it doesn't rain from it, it can have its very special charm and many hikes only then get a corresponding visual drama, which is particularly expressed in pictures.

Dense clouds over Arco da Calheta


Clouds are created by moist air that cools down as it rises - then the moisture condenses. Therefore, the coastal strip in the south is mostly cloud-free and dense clouds only form at altitudes above 600 meters. Depending on the weather, these have a different vertical extension. On the day above, the Paul da Serra plateau was in bright sunshine..

Rainbow in Sao Vicente


On the rare rainy days, Madeira is a perfect destination for hunting rainbows due to the rapidly changing weather. Where it has just rained, the sun wins the battle against the clouds. With her in your back, shining examples of how water droplets in the air break light are created in the remaining rainy areas.

Activities in bad weather

We have the following suggestions for bad weather on the flower island:
We have sorted the activities geographically from the east in a clockwise direction. The level indicates the rain resistance and the general climatic conditions. A low level means firstly dryness and secondly also pleasant temperatures. Karting under the airport runway is always dry, but also fully exposed to the temperatures.
Admission prices always refer to an adult visitor.

Peninsula Sao Lourenco

Sao Lourenco

The relatively low peninsula in the very east of Madeira is the place with the least rainfall during the year. Feel the wind in your hair when the rest of the island is under heavy clouds. You can find the hike in our outdoor offer.
Go karting Madeira


Numerous covered activities are offered directly beneath the airport's extended runway, which went into operation in 2000. One of them is karting on a 420 meter long track. The karts have Honda engines with 9 HP from 270 cm³.
Climbing wall under the airport

Climbing Água de Pena

An artificial climbing wall was also built in the Água de Pena sports park under the runway. It offers 10 routes on approx. 150 m² of climbing area. Abseiling can also be practiced and there is a 70 meter zipline. Simply book the right climbing course with us.
Market hall Funchal

Market hall Funchal

The Mercado dos Lavradores in Funchal is often decried as a tourist junk. Fruit and vegetables, flowers, basketry and fresh fish are sold. Be sure to know the regular prices before buying, compare locally, and buy where the locals do.
Toy Museum Museu do Brinquedo

Toy Museum

The privately run toy museum in Funchal shows over 20,000 exhibits from over a hundred years. Model vehicles can be seen as well as Lego, Turtle figures and historical children's vehicles. Only the parking situation in the center of the capital could be better.
Boulder gym in Funchal

Bouldering gym

A small bouldering hall has opened in Funchal since 2021. A visit is currently only possible with prior notification. The floor is padded with thick mats so you can really climb to your limit here. Routes are available in various levels of difficulty.
Viva Bowling in Camacha

Viva Bowling Camacha

A little outside of Funcahl, more precisely in Camacha, you will find the offer of Viva Bowling. Here you can bowl on four lanes, play billiards and have a beer or coffee in comfort. An activity with a few friends for the hours after noon.
Bouldering in the tunnel Ribeira Brava

Bouldern Ribeira Brava

In Ribeira Brava there is a tunnel to the old fishing port directly at the beach passage. With a length of 30 meters and a height of approx. 3 meters, it invites you to go (cross) bouldering. A snack bar is just 50 meters away.
Escape Room Madeira

Escape Room Ribeira Brava

Depending on the season, different exit rooms are available. In summer, a cozy game is offered in the garden. Solve the many puzzles using combinatorics, imagination and language comprehension. Frighteningly exciting at times.
Cable car Achadas da Cruz

Achada da Cruz cable car

Definitely the steepest cable car in Europe. A five-minute drive along the vertically sloping cliff leads over 480 meters of altitude down to Faja da Quebrada. A great piece of earth full of plants and solitude. Open air, therefore high weather risk!
Aquarium Madeira

Aquarium Porto Moniz

The aquarium in Porto Moniz, which was only opened in 2005, shows a section of Madeira's rich fish world. 90 species live in a total of 12 water basins. It is particularly unusual that you can do short dives in the aquarium with the local diving center.
Lava cave Sao Vicente

Lava cave Sao Vicente

The lava caves in Sao Vicente are a small cave system with five tubes, some of which are water-bearing. Attached is an information center in which the formation of such volcanic caves is explained by video. Visits are only possible with a guided tour!
North Mills Distillerie

North Mills Distillerie

Rum is still distilled in a historic distillery in the bay of Porto da Cruz. Built in 1927, this plant is the only one in Europe that is still operated with steam. A technical masterpiece absolutely worth seeing in close proximity to the beach.
Rainbow over Calheta

Rainbow hunt

With a little luck you will catch fantastic rainbows in Madeira when the sun is coming from the right direction. With the appropriate camera, you can then take fantastic pictures. The play of light and water is just incredibly fascinating.

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