Rafting Madeira

Rafting, Hydrospeed in Madeira

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Rafting is theoretically possible in Madeira, Portugal on a few days a year. After very heavy rainfall, the large rivers that wind their way towards the sea in deep gorges in the Ribeira Brava - Soa Vicente valley could definitely be described as a demanding whitewater stretch. Hydrospeed or wild water swimming would then also be possible there. However, you would have to be extremely spontaneous and be in the raft in a few hours.
Due to the very rare opportunities, no whitewater sports have been established in Madeira to this day and there are no organizers who offer rafting or anything similar. A large poster hangs on the facade of a restaurant in Sao Vicente, but unfortunately that's just for show.
Nevertheless, there are numerous other possibilities for exciting experiences on the flower island, for example canyoning, climbing or hiking. Take a look around our website and discover your favourites.
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Big rivers in Madeira

The following watercourses would be suitable for white water sports.

Ribeira de Janela

Ribeira da Janela

The Ribeira da Janela is the longest river in Madeira, measuring twelve kilometers from the source to the sea. Numerous tributaries pour into the deep valley and, especially after rainfall in the northwest, a powerful torrent rushes towards the Atlantic. Very impressive!
Fluss Seixal

Ribeira da Seixal

After the Ribeira da Seixal feeds on numerous side gorges from the source below the Pico Ruivo do Paul, it becomes a wide river. It is easily accessible by car and, like all rivers in Madeira, flows into the sea. In the place of the same name. Canyoning is practiced in the upper section.
Torrent in Sao Vicente, Madeira

Ribeira de Sao Vicente

The third major watercourse in the north is the Ribeira de Sao Vicente. It is fed by countless springs in the Caldeira Funda. From the confluence with the Ribeira da Feiteira, a powerful stream forms, which flows past the lava caves of Sao Vicente, among other things.
Fluss Ribeira Serra Agua

Ribeira de Serra Agua

The only major river in the south that has a moderate gradient is the Ribeira de Serra Agua, which later becomes the Ribeira Brava. The VE 3 expressway runs parallel, so that the water level can be easily assessed. In the upper area, the river is heavily channeled.

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