Canyoning course in Madeira

Your canyoningschool L1 in Madeira

Services included with us:
Airport transfer
Accommodation in a cottage or on the campsite
Accommodation in a vacation home incl. rental car (driving license required!)
7 x breakfast / 7 x packed lunch / 6 x dinner
Full board
Five canyoning tours
One day of rope training
Theory units accompanying the course
Free equipment for the activities
All services from a single source

Course content Level 1:
Material knowledge
Moving in difficult terrain, fall training
Different abseiling techniques, stopping the descent
Set up rope railings and rappel points
Lowering people
Rope connection
Knot training
Tour organization and planning

The level 1 canyoning course in Madeira is based on the training for professional canyoning guides from the CIC, the Commission Internationale de Canyon. A high-quality training of the various contents is guaranteed and nothing stands in the way of walking through simple gorges on your own after the one-week course.
The completion of the canyoning training does not entitle you to lead groups commercially, but is aimed at canyoning enthusiasts who, instead of relying on a guide, prefer to set up abseiling stations themselves and would like to organize tours independently.
Within 7 days you will learn the necessary tools such as material handling, the various abseiling techniques, setting up stands and much more in a real canyoning environment. You will receive the necessary material free of charge. Your trainer is on site around the clock and sits at the table with you during meals.
The offer of our Canyoningschool includes accommodation as you wish, single or double rooms, apartments or holiday homes, or even rudimentary camping in tents. Your catering consists of a morning breakfast, a daily packed lunch and a delicious dinner or a barbecue evening. We also organize the transfer from the airport and to the individual tours for you.
Save the collected memories of an exciting vacation in your head or book the picture DVD of your personal week as a treat.
Welcome to the Level 1 canyoning course in Madeira!

What distinguishes the level 1 canyoning course?

In just one week you will learn how to independently descend a canyon. I will impart all the necessary techniques and knowledge to you, using the latest learning methods. After short practical units, we immediately transfer the technique we have just learned to a real canyoning environment. The course is structured like a pyramid: simple knots and basic techniques serve as the basis, which are used and refined with each next day in order to be used again elsewhere. The broad base solidifies itself over the week and you learn the additional nuances again in a short lesson in a relaxed and calm atmosphere at the active base. After the tour, we can repeat individual content that is not yet secure if requested.
The practical work is supplemented by individual theory blocks in which you, for example, get to know the characteristics of the material or deal with the weather.
At the end there is the title Canyon BegeherIn Level 1, which I have awarded.
Our cook Sibel takes care of the physical well-being so that you can concentrate fully on the course content. With us, your comfortable accommodation is also part of the "Canyoning Course" travel package - you don't need to worry about anything other than your learning progress on site.

Canyoning course accommodation


Choose your accommodation according to your ideas: room, apartment, complete holiday home for you and your friends or camp on the campsite.

Canyoning course catering


One of the travel components is the full board, Sibel takes care of your energy and your diverse ideas for breakfast, packed lunches and dinner or barbecue.

Canyoning course level 1 activities

Canyoning course L 1

During the course you will get to know five canyons in Madeira and we will use one day for rope exercises. Individual theoretical units complete the package.

Your canyoning tours

Your canyoning course is very dependent on the respective water levels and weather conditions.
Therefore, the tours given are intended to serve as examples. In any case, you will experience fascinating canyon descents that match the respective learning steps.

Canyoning Voltas


In the Ribeira des Voltas we practice walking and moving off the beaten track and train abseiling in various forms at the many waterfalls. A perfect course start.
Canyoning Folhado


Yesterday's knowledge will be consolidated at higher abseiling points and new content such as stopping abseiling and belaying methods will be added. Enjoy the Folhado canyon!
Canyoning Camisa


In the third canyon, we set up various rope railings and lower other participants at the abseiling points. We also learn knots for rope connections and some orientation skills.
Canyoning Seixal


We set up abseil stations on anchors and trees and consolidate all the techniques we have learned so far. In the evening we deal with meteorology and special materials.
Canyoning training in the Funda


We repeat everything we have learned and I, as your teacher, am just a silent observer who only intervenes when someone is in danger. Your first self-explored canyon!

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