Paragliding Tandemflug

Paragliding in Madeira

Services included with us:
Welcome drink
Trilingual flight instructor with 30 years of experience
Transfer from the active base to the starting point and back

The dream of flying can come true in Madeira. Enjoy a bird's eye view during a raragliding tandem flight. When paragliding, your gaze wanders over the mountains of Arco da Calheta, over the sea and the cliffs. The paragliding flight starts at about 400 meters above sea level on a spectacular launch site from which you already have a unique view. Your flight instructor explains everything you need to know during the take-off phase and explains the landing. You spend your flight in a comfortably upholstered seat, the great nature rolls past you like a giant cinema screen. Depending on the thermal conditions and wind direction, you can land in Madalena do Mar or on Calheta Beach, for example.
Decide how long you want to stay in the air, the price depends on the desired flight duration.
Your paragliding pilot speaks German, English and Portuguese..

Well-known paragliding spots

The following take-off sites are intended for a tandem flight.

Gleitschirmfliegen in Arco da Calheta

Arco da Calheta

The starting point that we have in view from our Casa Vento every day. Almost every afternoon the paragliders hover over Arco da Calheta and follow the mountain ranges on their journey. The pilots enjoy the view and use the thermals. Tandem flights usually land in Calheta Beach.

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