Active Vacation

Canyoning ⎮ Climbing ⎮ Mountain Hike ⎮ Levada Walk

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Adventure Trip

Canyoning ⎮ Climbing course ⎮ Peninsula Sao Lourenco ⎮ Torchlight Hike

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Canyoning Holiday

Four different canyoning tours ⎮ Spectacular gorges

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Holiday Advanced

Four different canyoning tours ⎮ Spectacular gorges with high demands

Canyoning Holiday Advanced

Canyoning Course Level 1

Set up of rappels ⎮ Rope railings ⎮ Walking training ⎮ Communication

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Canyoning Course Level 2

Rescue Techniques ⎮ Ascending on the rope ⎮ Pulley systems ⎮ Installing complex rappel systems

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Climbing Holiday

Four days of climbing ⎮ Different climbing areas ⎮ Climbing by the sea

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Hiking Week

Five different hikes ⎮ Mountain Hike ⎮ Levada Walk ⎮ Canyon Exploration

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Multi-day Hike Sea to Summit

From the beach to the roof of the island ⎮ Overnight stay in tents ⎮ Starry sky ⎮ Unique landscapes

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Our active vacations

As a carefree all-round package, we offer various active vacations in Madeira for adventure-hungry holidaymakers. It includes up to six activities, as well as accommodation and full board and the transfer from the airport to the holiday home. We provide all the necessary sports equipment and guarantee all trips to the various tours.
You only have to organize the journey to the flower island yourself.
Discover Madeira, for example, on an adventure trip, on a fabulous canyoning holiday or on a climbing holiday that we offer exclusively. For canyoning enthusiasts who want more, we offer canyoning courses in two levels that build on each other. Our offer also includes hiking weeks with the most beautiful routes on the island and a multi-day hike.
A colorful mix of canyoning, climbing, hiking and much more awaits you with us! Be there and get to know Madeira intensively!

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Active Vacation Madeira

Active Vacation Madeira

The active vacation Madeira includes four exciting activities:
Canyoning, climbing, a mountain hike and a levada walk. The classics of the flower island give an unforgettable insight into the beautiful island. You will get to know nature up close and with us you will reach places in Madeira that you would never find on your own. This is how you get to know the secrets of the flower island during intense activities.
We provide you with all the special sports equipment at no additional cost.

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Adventure Trip Madeira

Adventure Trip Madeira

Our second active package on the Portuguese island is the adventure trip:
Canyoning, climbing, visiting the Sao Lourenco peninsula and a torch-lit hike in the dark are also an impressive experience package - the demand is slightly lower, the canyoning tour and the climbing rock are more suitable for beginners in these great sports. Discover Madeira with us, we promise you an extraordinary vacation!
Of course, all necessary transfers and sports material are included.

Information about the Adventure Trip
Canyoning Holiday with Casa Vento Madeira

Canyoning Vacation

Madeira is a paradise for this great sport. Around one hundred gorges of all levels of difficulty cavort in the mountains and invite canyoningists from all over the world to a canyoning holiday. Spectacular waterfalls up to almost two hundred meters in height are just as fascinating as short canyons, which are perfect for your introduction to canyoning. We combine the respective tours according to the previous knowledge of our guests.
We provide the right wetsuit and everything else free of charge!

Our Canyoning Holiday
Canyoning Holiday Advanced with Casa Vento Madeira

Vacation Advanced

For our regular customers, who have been participants in canyoning tours for years, and for all other guests with corresponding prior knowledge, we offer special canyoning holidays for advanced canyoning. We descent gorges with the more demands, with a stronger water passage, with high waterfalls with intermediate anchor points or tours with a longer total duration. Together we discover the true secrets of Madeira, which the island only present to a few visitors.
As always including full board and accommodation!

Canyoning Holiday Advanced
Canyoning Course Level 1

Canyoning Course L1

Our two-part canyoning course is the holiday in Madeira, during which you learn to descent gorges independently. After level 1 you will be able to conquer simple canyons without a guide. I will teach you the various abseiling techniques, rope and material handling, communication in the canyon and much more.
The practical training takes place in various real canyons and is accompanied by theoretical units.
As always, all of the canyoning equipment is provided by us.

Check Canyoning Course Level 1
Canyoningkurs Level 2

Canyoning Course L2

Level 2 is the course for successful graduates of level 1 . You will learn the advanced techniques: building complex abseiling systems, ascending the rope, organizing and planning challenging tours as well as various rescue techniques. With a little training you can now tackle difficult tours with a high level.
For this canyoning course, we go to suitable canyons in Madeira, theoretical units take place in our active base.
Become a canyoning professional and enter this fascinating world!

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Climbing Holiday Madeira

Climbing Vacation

Secured rockclimbing is still in its infancy in Madeira, until today, there are only a few equipped climbing rocks. We are constantly developing this sport here and can therefore offer you a climbing holiday in which we pay homage to this sport in the various sectors. Some rocks are right by the sea, we often interrupt our courses for a refreshing swim in the waves.
We spend five days on the rock with lead climbing, toprope, belaying techniques and improving our climbing skills.

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Hiking Week Madeira

Hiking Week Madeira

During five great hikes we explore the island on the different paths. Whether we walk along one of the world famous levadas, climb one of the countless peaks or penetrate deep into secret gorges, we always enjoy a dreamlike landscape that will be burned into our memories.
Summit panoramas, waterfalls, huge boulders, the local flora and fauna and the other fellow travelers are our welcome companions.
On some of our tours, a delicious barbecue awaits us at the destination.

All about Hiking Week
Sea to Summit Multi-day Hike

Sea to Summit

The size of Madeira is ideal for crossing the island during a multi-day hike from the sea to the highest mountain.
Fantastic bivouacs in the mountains alternate with sleeping places in gorges near waterfalls. The food will either be deposited there beforehand or our cook will surprise us with a evening barbecue full of goodies.
Depending on the stage, we hike with a daypack or with all of our overnight luggage.
All the hiking highlights of the island in one week.

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Explore Madeira intensely

"Unforgettable experiences for body and mind"
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