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Levadawanderung in Madeira

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It was only the creation of irrigation canals - also known as Levadas - and thus the transport of rainwater from the north to the warm and sunny south of the island of Madeira that gave the population today's prosperity. This was the initial spark for agriculture, which is still largely based on bananas and especially flowers today.
Almost all of these channels, not a few of which are more than a hundred years old, are still in operation and, of course, are regularly serviced and replaced if necessary.
The maintenance routes have developed into popular hiking trails with tourism, as they can almost always be mastered without any significant inclines. Nonetheless, some of the hikes also have various difficulties to offer: They are partly built very exposed into the steep rock walls, rockfalls damage the safety rails and in many cases the sometimes narrow sections are also slippery or waterfalls cut the path, unless you want to take a strong shower.
With me as your guide you will overcome all these difficulties!
Visit with me the Levada 25 Fontes, the Caldeirao Verde or Caldeirao Inferno on the north side or the Levada Nova in the south. In any case, you can expect an unusual view into the depths of Madeira.
As your hiking guide, I speak German, English and French.

Well-known levada hikes

The following hikes along the irrigation canals can be found in our program, we are happy to work out individual routes.

Levada do Rei, Santana

Levada do Rei

The Royal Levada in Madeira's north can be explored in several ways. The easiest way is from the Quebradas hiking car park along the levada past the Sebastiao Vaz river to the first tunnel.
The path is mostly comfortable and leads through dense forest. The way back leads from Sebastiao Vaz along a wide slope back to the car park. After a rainy period you should bring an umbrella for several dripping pasages.
The day's destination is the Ribeiro Bonito river.
A cozy stop in a snack bar or a visit to the old water mill round off the half-day tour.
Levada do Rodrigues, Madeira

Levada Faja do Rodrigues

This actually very moderate levada tour has been upgraded to level 2 due to several tunnels that are quite narrow in places.
Our way leads us from Parque Empresarial on a neat slope to the Levada. The water channel is unusually wide and the parallel path is comfortable. This is followed by a short, exposed but secured passage and a first, quite narrow tunnel a good 40 meters long. The next tunnel can only be crossed bent over. The rest of the way to the fourth, 1 km long tunnel is a true Aqualand, that leads to the famous canyoning tour of Passo.
The Levada Nova hike

Nova + Moinho

During the hike into the Ribeira da Ponta do Sol valley, you will discover two levadas that run one above the other in the same mountain slope: the Levada Nova and the Levada do Moinho.
Exposed sections of the path, a tunnel and bridges alternate, the photographic highlight is a waterfall behind which the path leads. This spot adorns many postcards. At the turning point of the tour, a beautifully situated picnic area is waiting for us to take a relaxed lunch break.
Because of the tunnel section, a lamp is absolutely necessary.
Hiking Levada dos Cedros

Levada dos Cedros

A varied hike in the west of the Paul da Serra plateau: Waterfalls, dense forest and an often foggy meadow.
A long and steep descent leads us deep into the laurel forest and to an impressive waterfall that feeds this irrigation canal. A walkable path leads to a view point that offers a great panorama of the Ribeira da Janela valley. More waterfalls, small footbridges and bridges follow until we reach the road again. After a bit along the asphalt strip, it is worth making a detour to Lagoa, a small pond in the middle of a large, green meadow that invites you to get lost in fog. Orientation is already demanding.
Rocha Vermelha

Rocha Vermelha

Far less popular than the Levada 25 Fontes is neighboring Rocha Vermelha. While the hiking groups jostle along the most popular route, we enjoy the peace and great views of the deep valleys. The entrance is spiced up by a 1.5 km long tunnel, which fortunately can be walked almost continuously upright. Then we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of the Ribeira Grande valley on an exposed rock face. Several waterfalls line the less frequented path and at the end there is an extremely steep staircase to conquer. There are various options for the way back.
Hike 25 Fontes

25 Fontes

There are two different starting points for the levada of the 25 springs: The Rabacal car park or the water house on forest path PR 6. The latter variant first leads through an 800-meter-long tunnel, which saves a half-hour descent along a slope to the Rabacal forest house.
The initially comfortable path becomes noticeably narrower, more slippery and in places also steep, until we reach our destination after an hour and a half from the parking lot: Numerous small springs form a wide curtain of water that feeds a deep green basin. The brave take a cool bath.
The fascinating Levada Verde

Caldeirao Verde

The Caldeirao mountain basin is a huge piece of nature and rightly a Unesco World Heritage Site. The water has carved one of the deepest gorges of Maeira with dizzyingly high and vertical walls into the volcanic rock. The fact that people have managed to create water channels in this inaccessible mountain world is a masterpiece of early creative power. At first the path is very wide, but from the Ribeira dos Cedros the path becomes increasingly narrow. Extremely narrow and exposed sections of the path with a real deep view as well as various tunnels are waiting for us.
Hike Levada Inferno

Caldeirao Verde + Inferno

The most spectacular hike along the water channels is certainly the combination of Caldeira Verde and Caldeira Inferno. A total of more than 18 kilometers almost without slope lead through steep walls and several tunnels, passes several waterfalls and viewpoints to get to one of the most spectacular points on the flower island: the narrow Ribeira Grande gorge is frighteningly deep on the right and two waterfalls shoot into the levada on the left. Further tunnels finally lead to the over 100 meter deep infernal kettle, which is only explained live. Just one word: Waterfalls.

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