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Renting a car is the most convenient and independent way to discover the enchanting island of Madeira. Of course you can reach many interesting destinations in Madeira on foot, by bus or even with the well-known basket sleds in Monte. However, the car offers you the convenient opportunity to get closer to your discoveries, for example on steeper and narrower streets and slopes.
There are many providers on the island who rent out rental cars of all sizes and strengths - from the airport in Funchal to town and city centers throughout Madeira. Here we introduce you to rental car providers through which you can conveniently book your vehicle.

Some of the links provided here are so-called affiliate links. If you visit one of these providers via the links listed here and then book a rental car, we will receive a small commission. Of course, the price will not change for you!
This commission allows us to keep this page up to date.
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Brand new for the 2023 season: If you book a complete active holiday or an adventure trip with us and choose your accommodation in a holiday home or apartment, then a rental car is already included in the travel price. Since there is no such accommodation in the immediate vicinity of Casa Vento in Ribeira Brava and we would like to save you long walks, we offer you this special service. You can also support us with the trips to the activities and have a car available for your own activities on the days off.

Have fun with your rental car on the flower island!

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