Barbecue in Madeira

Highlight in Ribeira Brava: Barbecue

Your grilling evening:
Convivial barbecue come together on our terrace
Free snacks and drinks during the aperitif hour
Tasty seasoned meat, sausages, vegetables and side dishes
Tasty dessert for you
Non-alcoholic drinks are included
Social togetherness with other guests and your hosts

We invite you to a nice get-together with free refreshments and snacks to exchange ideas with other holidaymakers and look forward to our barbecue, which we serve from 7:30 p.m.

The day before our barbecue event starts, the meat is marinated in plenty of olive oil with lots of garlic and more pickled spices. Even the fragrant spicy sheep's cheese is never missing on our table and comes in aluminum foil to be grilled on the fire. As a vegetarian, I definitely couldn't do without this delicious cheese!

We, Sibel and Michael, are setting the grill under fire for you on our beautiful terrace in Ribeira Brava and are looking forward to spend a cozy evening with you under the warm evening sun. We enjoy a relaxed come together in the open air - fire bowls not only warm the body.

Barbecue at Casa Vento Madeira

On our large terrace in Casa Vento, we invite you to grilled delicacies and tasty drinks. Not only the culinary delight and the lively conversations at the table will convince you of our evening barbecue. The gigantic view that we can enjoy from our terrace of the Atlantic also rounds off the festive meal in a special way and gives the evening a wnderful atmosphere.

Tasty grilling in Ribeira Brava

Tasty dishes at the barbecue

In addition to the steaks seasoned the day before, the cheese and the braised vegetables, there are delicious side dishes and dishes for the barbecue, such as potatoes fried in onions and garlic. The salad with the vinegar-oil-vinaigrette or the honey-mustard dressing is almost always on our table! Just like the homemade garlic yogurt dip. And the Bolo do Caco, which is very popular in Madeira, a warm garlic bread that is an absolute highlight at every dinner!
After the tasty grill pleasure, we serve a delicious dessert and, if you wish, there is a traditional Madeira liqueur wine or fresh fruit juice.

Barbecue in Ribeira Brava

A feast for the eyes at the barbecue

The view from our terrace in Ribeira Bravaa, Moreno is incomparably beautiful. At a height of 300 meters you have a wonderful view of Ribeira Brava and Ponta do Sol. On the right side we have the view of the mountains and straight ahead the Atlantic bursts with all its strength and beauty. In the late afternoon we start our relaxed evening with drinks and snacks. Followed by our barbecue experience, we immerse ourselves in the late sun in Madeira's evening. Every day this gaze warms the mind and gives a feeling of inner calm and serenity. But not a thousand words can describe it, you have to experience it yourself.

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