Trail in Madeira

Your multi-day hike in Madeira

Services included with us:
Airport transfer
Two nights accommodation in a holiday home or on the campsite
Bivouac for five nights in the open air or in a tent
Full board
Six day hike Sea to Summit
Free rental equipment, crockery, tent, sleeping mat
All services from a single source

The Sea to Summit Trail in Madeira leads from the beach in Paul do Mar to the highest peak on the island, Pico Ruivo. The multi-day hike starts through a rugged gorge to Prazeres and from there along the Levada Ponta do Pargo and through the Ribeira da Calheta tunnel to the Risco waterfall. After the winding Levada do Paul and the Levada das Rabacas, you go through a 3 km long tunnel onto the long-distance hiking trail PR 17 and finally onto the high-altitude trail PR 1.3, which leads along numerous peaks. Finally we reach Madeira's largest mountain, Pico Ruivo. The last stage is the spectacular trek to Pico Arieiro, which runs through tunnels, over exposed paths and on steep stairs.
The tour is designed as an autonomous hike, which means that we transport our food and overnight utensils ourselves during the daily stages. In many places we meet civilization, so that we can stock up on food again and again and not have to carry the supplies for the entire route.
We discuss the prior planning and organization on the day of arrival, we spend the first night in the holiday home. The last day serves as a reserve and to relax with a delicious barbecue.
All services come from a single source: accommodation, meals, transfers and the Sea to Summit hiking package. Benefit from a well-organized trip. If you need special equipment such as a headlamp or a tent and a sleeping mat or crockery, we will provide this free of charge. This way, your flight baggage does not become unnecessarily heavy.
You can spend the first and last night in an apartment, in a single or double room or simply in a tent, as you wish.
On two days we enjoy full board consisting of breakfast, packed lunch and a delicious dinner or barbecue. During the trail we cook together.
Of course there is a camera with you on the hike, we would be happy to burn a DVD with your personal experiences for you.
Welcome to the Sea to Summit Trail in Madeira!

What distinguishes the trail?

Your trail or your multi-day hike in Madeira crosses the southwest of the flower island from the sea to the highest peak. A great route with sections of different characters shows you the diversity of nature, fauna and flora and the different landscape forms of the volcanic island. We pass gorges, levadas, tunnels and mountain peaks. Live this adventure.
As your trail guide, I developed and designed this route. Several short intersections with civilization ensure safety, but we are always accompanied by the feeling of being exposed to the elements of the island.
Due to the autonomous organization and catering, the Sea to Summit Trail becomes a real adventure and guarantees unforgettable experiences during your vacation in Madeira.

Multi-day hike accommodation


For the first and last night you have a free choice: apartment, single or double room or simply in a tent. We spend the nights during the hike in the open air or in light trekking tents.

Multi-day hike catering


The catering on the first and last day consists of a delicious breakfast, a packed lunch and a dinner. We prepare the meals on the trail together, nature becomes our dining room.

Sea to Summit activities


The hiking package of your vacation consists of six stages along the most diverse landscapes of Madeira. Our trail leads through gorges, along old irrigation channels and on high peaks.

Daily stages Sea to Summit Trail

The multi-day hike is designed for six daily stages.
Each one has its own special charm and offers great experiences in the nature of Madeira. Whether in the tunnels of the levadas or along the mountain peaks.

The gorge Ribeira Seca

Ribeira Seca

From Paul do Mar through the steep Ribeira Seca to Raposeira. Then we follow the Levada Ponta do Pargo for a few kilometers to a lookout point where we bivouack.
Levada Ponta do Pargo

Levada Ponta de Pargo

We walk the Levada Ponta do Pargo to the ER 211 road and then follow the path through the Ribeira da Calheta. There is a great rest area just before a tunnel.
Wasserfall Levada

Levada do Risco

We cross the dark tunnel and hike along the Levada do Risco to the waterfall of the same name. The way back goes along the Levada Alecrim and to the Levada do Paul.
Levada Tunnel durch den Berg

Levada de Rabacas

Through the long tunnel of the Levada de Rabacas we get to Pico das Furnas and follow the long-distance hiking trail PR 17. Shortly after the ER 110 we stop at Pico Topeiro.
Berggipfel Sea to Summit

The mountain tops

We follow the numerous peaks along the high-altitude hiking trail PR 1.3: Encumeadas, Cabra, Jorge, Casado, Eirinhas and Coelho, until we finally reach the roof of Madeira, the Pico Ruivo.
Pico Ruivo Madeira

Pico Ruivo - Pico Arieiro

Our final section is probably the most spectacular hiking trail on the island. It leads along iron stairs, over exposed ledges and ridges and through several tunnels.

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