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Our activities

In order to discover and experience the so called flower island Madeira in all its beauty, you should go to the rather inaccessible gorges, to the highest mountains and to the deepest Levadas.
Between our numerous activities, you will find the right offer for every skill level. Regardless of whether you go Canyoning or climbing with us, a little adrenaline is always part of it. During our hikes you will discover Madeira's last secrets: Enjoy a panorama over the entire island when you stand on Pico Ruivo - experience the crackling water in the numerous levadas or hike on exposed paths along the steep coast. Or let Casa Vento Madeira show you one of the many fascinating lost places. Brand new with us: Escape Room in Calheta!
On a few weeks of the year we offer an exciting multi-day hike that takes you across the entire island.

Let's discover the flower island together!

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Activity Canyoning

Canyoning Madeira

Canyoning is a very natural experience. We climb through a water-bearing, narrow gorge in a downstream direction and overcome natural steps and waterfalls with various techniques. Abseiling, jumping, sliding, climbing and swimming are the techniques that are necessary for this.
The discoveries we make on our way full of action and activity are absolutely unique and unforgettable.
You will learn all the necessary knowledge during the tour.

Straight to canyoning
Climbing in Madeira

Climbing Madeira

Conquering very steep to vertical rock faces with only physical skill is our goal during the climbing course. Your activity partner will secure you with a special rope so that you are always in safe hands.
Step by step you work your way up the climbing rock along small holds and steps, using weight shifting and balance as well as courage and skill. When you have reached the end of the route, a feeling of success fills you and you enjoy a great panorama over the sea and the surrounding mountains.

Everything about climbing
Via Ferrata

Via Corda

An exciting route to a breathtaking summit: a wonderful approach along a rocky ridge, climbing in the third degree, a Via Corda along exposed ledges and two abseiling points form an eventful combination that is second to none. Almost a real via ferrata to the top of the Pico Cidrao mountain.
The afternoon hours on the summit are particularly beautiful when the clouds in the surrounding valleys are illuminated by the sun. On the way back we visit the Ninho de Manta viewpoint.

The Via Ferrata
Hiking on the flower island

Hiking Madeira

Hundreds of old and new paths crisscross even the most inaccessible parts of Madeira, many of which lead to old ports or along the water channels called levadas. Old connecting routes between villages have become hiking trails, tourists are rediscovering old maintenance routes and wandering through tunnels that were built a hundred years ago.
There are lasting memories between coastal cliffs and deep gorges, next to waterfalls and on high mountains.

Our walks
Activities at Pico Ruivo

Mountain hike

Many beautiful peaks above the clouds are waiting for you in Maderia. The queen route is of course the way from Pico Arieiro to Pico Ruivo. A six-kilometer hike with 650 meters of altitude are waiting for committed hikers.
Many other great routes are scattered across the island. The Pico Grande, the Eagle Rock and the Sao Lourenco Peninsula are some other highlights that you should visit. We are happy to be your guide for these great activities in Madeira's high altitudes.

Onto Pico Ruivo
Walk along a Levada

Levada walk

Many years ago, numerous open water channels were created for the irrigation of the sunny south, they distribute the abundant water from the north over the entire island and thus contributed to Madeira's economic rise.
Even today, the so-called Levadas contribute to economic success, as the associated maintenance paths also serve as hiking trails for nature-loving guests. It is not uncommon for the paths to pass spectacular waterfalls and long tunnels.

Discover Levadas
Things to do when it rains

Madeira in the rain

On a few days of the year there is also rain on our favorite island. Usually it rains only partially and there is an area that is dry, almost always in the south.
But even when heaven opens its doors all over Madeira, you don't have to stay in your holiday rental. Casa Vento has put together numerous activities for you where you have a roof over your head: museums, the Agua da Pena sports park, karting, the bouldering hall in Funchal, a visit to a cave, bowling and much more.

If it rains
Lost Places in Madeira

Lost Place

As almost everywhere in the world, Madeira also has numerous abandoned buildings, industrial plants, vehicles or major tourist projects in which some factors have been overlooked and which are now rotting away for lack of money or interest.
Since the climatic conditions, at least in the interior of the island, are quite moderate and construction is mostly seawater-proof near the sea, most of the lost places are still in very good condition. The interiors at the port in Lugar de Baixo still look almost like new.

Visit Lost Places


Madeira is dotted with countless view points. Many are well known and accordingly well attended, for example the Cabo Girao platform. But there are also many insider tips where you can usually enjoy the beauty of the island completely on your own.
See great panoramas between Funchal and Ponta do Pargo. Whether it's the fireworks on New Year's Eve or the waves in Lugar do Baixo. Some of the spots require a tangible hike along steep coastal paths, others can be approached directly.

See the viewpoints
Paragliding, tandem flight in Calheta


The dream of flying comes true with paragliding along the fascinating coast at Arco da Calheta. A tandem flight under a paraglider is the easiest way to soar through the air like a bird. You take off with an experienced pilot at an altitude of 400 meters and, after an exciting flight, land on the beach of Calheta or Madalena do Mar.
Of course, pilots who already have a pilot's license or would like to obtain one are also welcome.
Enjoy the view over mountains and sea!

Get airborne
Rafting in Madeira


For a few days, rafting in Madeira would be possible. After heavy rainfall, individual watercourses turn into strong-flowing rivers for several hours.
Since this only happens on a few days a year, no organizer has dealt with whitewater sports so far. A rafting base in Madeira would hardly be economically viable. The same goes for hydrospeed and whitewater swimming.
Nevertheless, we would like to present the corresponding river courses to you.

More about Rafting
Escape Room Calheta

Escape Room Calheta

Who does not know the puzzles where you are locked in a room and have to solve various tasks in order to flee out of the escape room. We have prepared three different settings for you and we offer one at a time.
The Exit Game rowing boat is aimed at beginners and requires a little manual skill, kidnapped is a moderately difficult horror scenario, can you escape? And in our difficult Exit Garden you not only solve culinary puzzles.
Enjoy your evening!

To the Escape Room

Madeira from its most beautiful side

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