Canyoning in Madeira

Experience canyoning in Madeira

Services included with us:
Welcome drink
Two-piece wetsuit 5 mm thick with hood
Neoprene socks and, if necessary, neoprene gloves
Mountain sports helmet and canyoning harness according to the latest CE standard
Canyoning backpack and waterproof screw barrel
Trilingual CIC Canyon Guide with 20 years of experience
Professional instruction in material and technique
Transfer from the active base to the canyon and back
Independent abseiling

Canyoning in Madeira, Portugal is a great sport for young and old, it's best to visit the gorges and canyons together!
Our offer includes different tours in Madeira, depending on the skill and knowledge of the guests, I choose the right route. The center of this great sport is on the north coast at Seixal, here around twenty canyons cavort on a few square kilometers and there is are gorges for every desired level. Also in Funchal, near Santana or in Calheta we will find a tour for you.
I organize the whole day, you get the necessary material, we drive to the canyon and after the access walk you will be instructed in the necessary techniques.
And then the fun can start: jumping, sliding, abseiling and swimming between high rock walls makes the heart beat faster, nature is uniquely beautiful and the action ensures a pleasant adrenaline rush.
I, Michael, am your German, English and French speaking CIC guide. Enjoy the advantages that a professional canyoning guide offers you.

What is canyoning?

When canyoning you climb through a narrow, water-bearing gorge in the downstream direction and overcome natural obstacles such as waterfalls, crystal clear natural pools and impassable terrain.
Running, climbing and abseiling are our modes of progression, depending on the canyon there are also possibilities of jumps and slides.
You experience nature in an unprecedented way, you are close to the elements and roam areas that can only be reached as a canyonist. In constant change you will experience action and tranquility, in one moment the water is pattering on your helmet and the next you marvel at these incredible spots.

Canyoning abseiling


After I have properly attached the ropes to specially provided anchorage points, you tie yourself into the rope under my guidance, slowly sit down in the harness, loosen your lanyard and by slowly letting the rope run through the figure eight, your start rappelling. Meter by meter you cross the water while the adrenaline rushes through your veins. Feel the sparkling water very closely.

Canyoning jumping


Many of the natural pools are deep enough that you can jump the small waterfalls. Depending on courage and circumstances, jumps are possible up to eight meters high. These are never compulsory, if you wish, I will install a rope for you to abseil down. Diving into the turquoise water is a unique pleasure.
You will learn the different jumping techniques during the tour.

Canyoning swimming


Crystal clear water flows between steep rock walls, unprecedented colors surprise the eye and the thoughts revolve around the fact that one would like to swim in this water. This dream comes true with canyoning, I promise you unique experiences in nature in an unforgettable landscape.
This sport is highly addictive and combines relaxation and action.

Famous Canyons

We have the following gorges in Madeira in our program, you can book the corresponding level of difficulty simply by clicking on them.
We are happy to visit other canyons with you on request.


The discovery tours are ideal for you if you want to get to know the canyoning experience for the first time.
We experience a two-hour tour together without any particular physical or mental demands.
Perfect for families or very young guests. Special family price!

Canyoning Porto Novo

Porto Novo

Four abseiling points and a few playful, non-mandatory jumps and slides characterize this very centrally located gorge. Perfect for the first steps in canyoning!
Boieiros, Santa Cruz


Casa Ventos taster tour for the winter months. Five easy abseils up to 10 meters and a small jump. The access and return routes to the tour are extremely short.

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Sunday, Monday
These tours start from scratch, which means you don't need any previous experience.
I will teach you a few skills: Equipment knowledge, abseiling, belaying.
So you should also have your head in the game.

Canyoning Cales

Cales superior, Funchal

Canyon Cales near Funchal has several sections, the most popular being the short first section. Casa Vento Madeira only enters this gorge in exceptional cases.
Canyoning Voltas


The Ribeira des Voltas is a very easy canyoning tour that brings absolute beginners closer to this great sport. Of course in the usual quality and with perfectly chosen equipment!
Ribeira do Cidrao

Ribeira do Cidrao

This watercourse rises below the Pico Arieiro, it is quite prone to flooding, but in stable weather a real dream for newbies in an incomparable area! A Nice slide at the end.

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Beginners Plus

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
You can also master these gorges without any previous experience.
I will teach you the following techniques: Equipment knowledge, rope packing, abseiling, belaying and deviation.
A little outdoor experience and a good head on your shoulders won't do any harm.

Canyoning Lajeado

Lajeado I

The canyon Lajeado on the Paul da Serra plateau can be climbed in several sections. The first section is perfect for beginners who are enthusiastic about jumping.
Ribeira dos Cedros, Rabacal

Ribeira dos Cedros

A beautiful and above all very green gorge for beginners with a long outward and return route along two classic levadas. More than just a canyoning tour.
Canyoning Cales

Cales intermedio

This gorge starts directly at the park administration. Two out of eight abseiling points are 20 meters high. Unfortunately, there are quite a few tree trunks in the tour. Very sunny.
Canyoning Frio
Level2 / 3

Frio superior

The Frio Gorge is mainly descended in winter and spring, as otherwise hardly any water runs. Beautiful narrow sections and lots of abseils. The highest waterfall measures 45 meters.

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You can also master level 3 if you have no previous experience.
You will learn: equipment knowledge, rope packing, high abseiling heights and belaying.
You should be stable at altitude, have a certain level of fitness and know exactly what canyoning is. Ideally, you should have already experienced one or two tours live.

Cales inferior in Funchal

Cales inferior

Five of the thirteen abseils on this canyoning tour measure over 20 metres. With two cars, the approach and return are extremely short. A very sunny descent awaits you.
Joao Gomes, Monte Funchal

Joao Gomes

We meet in the centre of Funchal, use the cable car to get to the entry and experience a sunny gorge with many abseiling points. The way back leads us along the City Levada.
Canyoning Folhado


The Folhado Gorge in the mountain basin above Seixal is a very compact tour without long walking distances between the individual waterfalls and with great abseils.
Canyoning Agua Negra inferior

Agua Negra inferior

Spectacular approach to the 25 Fontes, initially a bit tough canyon with a great middle section. The way back is extremely difficult to find without a description.
Canyoning Camisa


The Canyoning tour Camisa is located above Ponta Delgada in a deep valley. The approach leads through a jungle-like landscape, abseils up to 30 meters are waiting for you.
Ribeira das Galinhas


This gorge in the hills above Paul do Mar was reopened by Casa Vento in 2021 in three stages. Many abseilers between high rock faces. One of a few canyons in the south.
Canyon Mijas Velhas, Tabua

Mijas Velhas

In the deep valley of Tabua lies the rarely visited Canyon Mijas Velhas. A strenuous ascent is rewarded with canyoning in the jungle. The tour is waiting for new equipment.
Ribeira da Furna, Santana

Furna, Santana

An absolute highlight in Santana. Two spectacular waterfalls and a jungle-like middle section with five smaller abseils. Short approach and return possible with shuttle.
Canyoning Sebastiao Vaz

Sebastiao Vaz, Santana

A promising topo, an easy route by levada and a short way back ...
But a lot of thorn bushes in the first third. A machete would be helpful.
Canyoning Seixal


The Seixal Canyon at the place of the same name is an exciting tour between dark rock faces. Numerous beautiful abseiling points and a few slides are waiting for our guests.

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Advanced Plus

I even take guests without experience but with strong nerves to level 4.
Equipment knowledge, rope packing, very high abseiling heights and belaying are trained.
Mental and physical fitness are a prerequisite, some touring experience is definitely very helpful.

Arruda, Achadas da Cruz

Ribeira da Igreja

A waterfall that we rarely go commercially. Nine abseiling points, an unforgettable view and a very impressive end on the wild Atlantic in Faja da Quebrada Nova.
Canyoning Ribeira da Pedra Branca

Pedra Branca

The Ribeira da Pedra Branca gorge has a very short approach, a very beautiful 50 meters waterfall and a great narrow passage in the middle part. It ends at the sea.
Canyoning Passo inferior

Passo inferior

Above Sao Vicente is the Passo Gorge, which can be descended in two separate sections. The lower part is particularly sunny in the mornings. Access by a well known Levada.
Canyoning Ribeira Funda


Canyoning in the Ribeira Funda is extremely spectacular, the second waterfall is fifty meters high. Accompanied by a great shower, it goes into the depths of the gorge.
Canyoning Correga Terra da Alem

Terra d'Alem

The direct neighbour of Funda shares the approach and the beautiful final passage. In the upper part there are several high abseils of 45, 35 and 20 metres in length.
Canyoning Ribeira da Hortela inferior

Hortela inferior

Canyoning in the Hortela inferior is one of Madeira's absolute highlights. Two abseilings of 50 meters and great narrow part characterize this experience near Porto Moniz.

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Thursday, Friday
The same, only as part of a complete tour. Several waterfalls to get used to and then at least one abseil point with 80 or more meters, usually with an intermediate anchor. Or the tour is very long and offers several high waterfalls.
I teach effective abseiling, time-saving behavior, intermediate belays at high waterfalls and, if desired, the construction of simple abseil stands.
You are able to abseil and to tie into the rope on your own. All by yourself. You also know and can do a lot of other things. You are in very good physical condition or can move very effectively. Ideally, you have already experienced several gorges with me.

Seixal superior

Seixal superior

My favourite tour in level 5. 30 abseils up to 40 metres of heigth, which are especially beautiful in winter. A quite demanding canyon in terms of fitness due to the length.
Ribeira Funda Meia Legua

Funda Meia Legua

The tour for rainy days in Ribeira Brava. Spectacular abseiling with a view of the Continente supermarket. A great experience for lovers of high waterfalls. Shower guaranteed.
Ribeira das Furnas, Ribeira Brava

Ribeira das Furnas

A spectacular tour with a huge waterfall that is abseiled in several stages. Newly equipped by Casa Vento Madeira in January 2023. Hardly any walking in the gorge.
Ribeira do Passo superior

Passo superior

Der obere Abschnitt der Schlucht Passo ist deutlich länger als der untere. Mit 25 Abseilstellen zwischen sieben und 35 Metern liegt die Begehungszeit bei fünf Stunden. Für Könner!
Canyoning Ribeira Vimieiro


The Vimieiro Gorge is reserved for experts on the rope, several abseiling points can only be reached via a rope railing. And then there is also an intermediate anchor to be mastered.
Ribeira do Delgado inferior

Delgado inferior

Also known as the Veu de Noiva Waterfall. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful gorges in Madeira. If only the approach was not so exposed. Only possible at low tide!
Lajeado 2, Calheta

Lajeado II

Lajeado I with many jumps plus an 80 meter waterfall. Like all level 5 tours, not for canyonists with a fear of heights. The most exciting access to Lagoa do Vento.

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These tours are long and high or very long or very high. Or both. Simply the most extreme gorges Madeira has to offer.
I train what little you still lack to organize such undertakings on your own.
You normally go on a tour alone, but prefer to explore the gems of each area with a local canyonist. No problem, I'll be there!

Inferno inferior

Inferno inferior

Due to the length, the descent time of six to seven hours and the often high water flow, the Inferno inferior is definitely one of the most challenging canyons in Madeira.
Canyoning Lajeado, Risco Wasserfall

Lajeado Integral

Top of the tops in Madeira, first many great jumps and then the two Risco waterfalls are roped down under the amazed eyes of the Levada walkers! Abseils up to 120 meters high.
Canyon Mega, Agua do Vento

Agua do Vento

Definitely the highest abseil in Madeira that is abseiled in one pitch. 150 meters of pure thrill, almost completely suspended... But that's not all you should expect!

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