Canyoning school in Madeira

Your canyoningcourse L2 in Madeira

Services included with us:
Transfer from and to the airport
Accommodation in the selected category
Accommodation in a vacation home incl. rental car (driving license required!)
7 x breakfast / 7 x packed lunch / 6 x dinner
Full board
Five canyoning tours
A day of special rope training
Theory accompanying the course
Free equipment for the activities
All services from a single source

Course content Level 2:
Material knowledge
Repetitions of the level 1 content
Rapelling over knots
Rappel Guide
Pulley systems
Rope cutting
Diving, sliding and jumping
Strong current forms

The canyoningcourse level 2 in Madeira is the advanced course after passing level 1, regardless of which of our goals it took place. Of course, you can also visit both weeks in a row. Level 2 enables you to conquer challenging canyons
Attending a training course at our canyoning school does not entitle you to professionally guide customers - it would like to give private canyoningists the opportunity to descend through canyons without a paid guide and to organize the descents independently.
As in level 1, the training mainly takes place in real canyoning tours. After repeating the basic techniques, we deal with complex rope techniques such as rappel guide (guided abseiling), abseiling over knots, various rescue techniques and combine many basic techniques to create complex structures. We learn more materials and you do the organization without my help - you just don't need them anymore.
It goes without saying that the accommodation according to your personal preferences as well as our delicious full board and the airport transfer are part of the overall offer.
I would also be happy to burn a picture DVD for you, on request we can also film individual techniques.
I look forward to your visit to the Level 2 canyoningcourse in Madeira!

What are the advantages of the Level 2 canyoning course?

Regardless of which of my other travel destinations you have completed the level 1 course, you are very welcome to join your level 2 canyoning course in Madeira. As in the first part of the course, most of the learning units take place live in real canyoning tours. The program is supplemented by short practical and theoretical units that take place offline, so to speak, in an environment that is particularly suitable for exercise. All techniques from level 1 are now combined as basic techniques to form more complex rope techniques. Rescue techniques that are important for demanding canyons complete the package. As always, you will have plenty of space and time to practice and consolidate the individual steps.
With the title Canyon climber Level 2 in your pocket, you can also enjoy challenging canyons in which demanding rope work is necessary.
As with all of our active packages, the canyoning courses also include meals and comfortable accommodation. Sibel prepares a delicious breakfast buffet and an extensive packed lunch for you in the morning. After the day we will greet you for a tasty dinner or surprise you with a great barbecue. You can concentrate fully on canyoning.

Canyoningcourse accommodation


You have the free choice between single or double rooms, apartments, holiday homes or a place on the camping site.

Canyoningcourse catering


The full board consists of a nutritious breakfast, a daily packed lunch and a delicious dinner. We wish you bon appetit.

Canyoningcourse level 2 activities

Canyoningcourse L 2

We get to know five challenging canyoning tours and train new rope techniques and rescue methods. Become a pro!

Your canyoning tours

The canyoning course depends on the respective water conditions and the weather.
The specified canyons therefore serve as examples. Be sure that you will encounter exciting and exhilarating canyons that match the course content.

Canyoning Seixal


The first canyon serves us to repeat all level 1 techniques and to learn how to open and close HMS. A great introduction to your one-week canyoning course.
Canyoning Agua Negra

Agua Negra

The Ribeira da Agua Negra is a canyon with many short abseiling points and a great bridge at the entrance. Here we can practice abseiling over knots. Jumps and slides spice up the canyon.
Canyoning Ribeira do Inferno

Ribeira do Inferno

A quite long canyon with over 25 abseiling points where, due to the amount of water, rappel guides often have to be set up. Perfect for getting to know the different methods.
Canyoning Ribeira Seca

Ribeira Seca

The shorter rappelling points of this canyon are great for learning some rescue techniques like cutting and lengthening rope and learning different pulley systems.
Canyoning Hortela


At the end of the canyoning course in Madeira, we will descend the beautiful Hortela Gorge, where we will repeat all the techniques and try diving. Welcome in the world of difficult canyons!

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