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Rent your climbing equipment in Madeira at Casa Vento in Arco da Calheta. We have the complete range ready for you: climbing harness, quickdraws, helmet, backpack, ropes or small items such as carabiners, headlamps and webbings. So nothing stands in the way of a climbing tour, even if you only went on holiday with little luggage and therefore do not have your own equipment with you. The complete packages are particularly cheap.
All equipment complies with the latest CE standards and is checked and cleaned by us in accordance with PPE guidelines before each use. A proper fitting is of course part of the rental service.
The various climbing areas in Madeira offer something for every taste, whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, even if you need material for a climbing course, we are your partner. Take the fascinating rocks of the island under the soles of your climbing shoes and experience the feeling of success when you reach the end of the route.

The climbing rocks in Funchal, Ponta do Sol, Paul da Serra, Camara dos Lobos or on the Sao Lourenco peninsula are sometimes right by the sea and some were even set up by Casa Vento. Lead climbing is possible on most routes, and at Pico Arieiro you can even find multi-pitch routes. Abseiling training can also be done on most rocks. I will of course be happy to give you recommendations for your tours.
We offer every guest who borrows climbing equipment from us a free climbing guide in printed form and further information on the individual areas. A transfer service is also possible. It doesn't matter whether the chosen rock is called Prainha, Porto d`Abra or Ribeira Brava. We are your reliable partner!

As a trained climbing instructor, Michael is also happy to act as a guide for your activities, for example for a climbing course.

And now have fun with your booking, if you have any questions, just contact us!

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