Canyoning in Madeira

Canyoning in Madeira with Aida guests

Included services with us:
Lunch packet
Two-piece wetsuit in 5mm with hood
Neoprene socks and if necessary neoprene gloves
Canyoning equipment according to the latest CE standard
Canyoning backpack and waterproof box
English speaking CIC Canyon Guide with 20 years experience
Professional instruction in techniques and material
Transfer from Funchal port to Canyon and back
You abseil yourself

We promise you a great day trip to one of the many gorges! Canyoning in Madeira, Portugal is a great sport for all guests of the Aida cruise ships. We promise you a great day trip to one of the many gorges!
In Madeira there are numerous tours for this great sport, depending on the ability and knowledge of the guests I choose a suitable canyon. Not far from the port in Funchal there are several opportunities to experience the hidden nature up close.
I organize the entire excursion, you will receive all the necessary material, we drive together to the gorge and after the journey I will show you the necessary canyoning techniques.
The incomparable experience includes: jumping, sliding, abseiling and swimming between high rock faces, a good dose of adrenaline and unparalleled closeness to nature.
I, Michael am your German, English and French speaking CIC Canyoning Guide. Enjoy the advantages that I offer you as a German canyoning guide.

I would like to point out that I am not an official contractual partner of Aida Cruises.

What is canyoning?

When canyoning, we climb through a narrow, water-bearing gorge in the direction of the flow of the water. We overcome obstacles formed by water over millions of years, such as waterfalls, crystal-clear natural pools and impassable terrain.
We move running, walking, climbing and abseiling, depending on the tour there is the possibility of jumps and slides.
Together we experience the otherwise inaccessible nature in an unprecedented way, we are very close to the element of water and the element of rock. We feel a mixture of action and calm, one moment the water is pattering on the body and the next we marvel at this mystical patch of earth.

Canyoning abseilen


I install the necessary ropes professionally at anchor points specially provided for this purpose, then you tie yourself in under my guidance, load the canyoning harness, loosen your safety line and then slowly let the rope run through the eight. Your abseiling along the waterfall begins. Sparkling water massages your whole body and soul.

Canyoning Springen


Some of the natural pools are so deep that we can jump the small cliffs. Depending on courage and circumstances, jumps from a height of up to five meters are possible but never obligatory. Diving into the turquoise water is unforgettable fun.
You will learn the appropriate jumping techniques during the tour.

Canyoning Schwimmen


Sparkling clean water flows through the gorge between steep rock walls, the eye discovers great colors and the desire to swim in this water grows. This dream comes true with canyoning, experience a unique landscape with me and your Aida fellow travelers. Canyoning has a very high potential for addiction and combines action and relaxation.

Known canyons

We offer the following canyons near the port in our exclusive program for cruise ship customers, you can book them with just one click.
We would be happy to explore other canyons with you on request.

Ribeira do Cidrao

Ribeira do Cidrao

This gorge lies deep in the Nun's Valley. Eight abseiling up to 15 meters and a beautiful slide characterize the canyon.
Canyoning Cales

Cales, Funchal

The Ribeira das Cales is a canyoning tour that is perfect for beginners of this great sport due to the topography.
Canyoning Frio
Level2 / 3


The Frio gorge in the mountain basin above Funchal is characterized by short access and exit routes and great water basins.
Ribeira Campanario

Ribeira Campanario

A visit to the Calhau da Lapa with this approach will definitely be remembered! 85 meter waterfall, only suitable for height resistance clients.

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