Raclette in Madeira

Our Highlight in Ribeira Brava: Raclette

Your Raclette - Dinner:
Common raclette evening on our terrace
Free snacks and drinks during the aperitif hour
All sorts of ingredients like meat, vegetables and bread
Sweet dessert for you
Non-alcoholic drinks are included
Relaxed togetherness with other guests and your hosts

We invite our guests every day to our sociable aperitif hour. Enyoy your drinks, hearty snacks such as nuts and Madeiran snacks like the roasted corn kernels. In the meantime, our two raclette machines are being switched on so that they get going. We take a seat at our large table, on which all the ingredients have been arranged, and begin our dinner. As a rule, two pans are available for each guest. From 07:30 p.m. onwards, the raclette pleasure starts. When the goodies of the raclette have been digested, we come to the sweet part of the evening, the dessert. Let yourself be surprised what dessert it will be!

Let me, Sibel, spoil you with culinary delights on our beautiful terrace in Ribeira Brava! We look forward to spending a cozy evening with you under the Madeiran evening sun.

Raclette at Casa Vento Madeira

The raclette evenings at Casa Vento always take place on Sundays. We invite you to delicious drinks and our raclette highlight in Madeira on our large terrace. The gigantic view, which we can enjoy from our terrace of the Atlantic, rounds off our sociable evening.
Your palate and your eyes will be pampered.

Dinner in Ribeira Brava

Hearty food at Casa Vento

Fill your pans with the different ingredients that are on the table: onions, peas, ham, salami, mushrooms, zucchini, corn, beans, bacon, peppers, pineapple, potatoes, pasta and much more! Sauces and homemade dips are available as well as meat and vegetables that we grill on the hot plate. And don't forget: the absolutely delicious and fragrant raclette cheese! What will be served for dessert is not revealed: perhaps a raspberry quark, apple dream or waffles with ice cream and cream?

Raclette in Ribeira Brava

Nice things for the eye in Ribeira Brava

The view from our terrace in Ribeira Brava is enchanting and simply beautiful. At a height of about 300 meters you have an unobstructed view of Ribeira Brava and Ponta do Sol. To the right you look at the mountains and straight ahead you look at the powerful Atlantic Ocean. In the late afternoon we start with light snacks. Followed by the evening sun, we embark on our raclette experience. This enchanting atmosphere is a unique experience, which makes our meal together something special.

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