Breakfast in Madeira

Your tasty breakfast

Dear guests. Our dishes are exclusive only for our guests at Casa Vento (no public offer). When you reserve accommodation or another product, you can book additional meals. If you have any further questions, please send us an email.

I serve individual travelers an individual breakfast (further details, see below) and I prepare a buffet for guests of 2 people or more who arrive from the same household.

Your culinary start to the morning:
Freshly prepared breakfast every day
Fresh bread, rolls, coffee, tea, cold drinks
Savory and sweet spreads, eggs just as you like
Different variations of cold cuts and cheese
Fresh fruit and vegetables from the region
All sorts of nutritious cereal choices
Friendly service so that you can start the day well strengthened

Our varied breakfast is a perfect start to your day in Calheta in Madeira. From 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. we expect you at our breakfast table on our terrace. The table, which is abundantly set with lots of delicacies, the scent of the freshly brewed coffee and the view of the Atlantic and the mountains give a wonderful start to the day. I will surprise you with little highlights that change every day. Freshly squeezed orange juice, homemade fruit quark, sometimes stirred or boiled eggs, mini pancakes and much more.

I, Sibel, will be your host for any catering offer and will fulfill your heart's desire for breakfast.

Your breakfast buffet at Casa Vento

To start your day in Calheta well, you need a good and vital breakfast! With us at Casa Vento Madeira you get a breathtaking view of the Atlantic and the mountains to start your culinary day on our terrace.
Enjoy the unforgettable sea view and immerse yourself in the new morning, relaxed and well-dining.
We currently offer our breakfast buffet to guests from 2 people who arrive from the same household.

Breakfast in Arco da Calheta

Your buffet at Casa Vento Madeira

Our lovingly prepared breakfast buffetoffers you fresh coffee, various types of tea, cold drinks, juices, boiled eggs and, if you wish, scrambled eggs with bacon or herbs and tomatoes. Cold cuts of sausage and cheese, savory and sweet spreads, fresh bread and rolls from the bakery, regional fruit and vegetables and of course the muesli shouldn't be missing.
Let me pamper you with one or the other culinary highlight!

View of Madeira

Feast for the eyes in Arco da Calheta

The view from our terrace in Arco da Calheta is uniquely beautiful. The Atlantic is right at your feet and boasts of all its power. When the sun wakes up over Madeira, it warms us with its rays of sunshine at almost 400 meters above sea level. Sociable togetherness, a well-laid breakfast table, pure sunshine and this indescribable view: there couldn't be a more perfect start to another eventful day on the flower island.
Welcome to Madeira!

Your individual breakfast at Casa Vento

You can choose the culinary start to your day from four different breakfast variations: the classic Casa Vento breakfast, the vegetarian breakfast, the sweet or the vital breakfast are available to you to choose from. All variants include coffee or tea, milk and sugar, bread or rolls, butter and freshly squeezed orange juice.
We serve individual breakfast to guests traveling alone.

The classic one

The classic

Our classic Casa Vento breakfast is especially popular with guests who would like to have a bit of everything. Just a classic! Here you can see what to expect.
The vegetarian breakfast

The vegetarian breakfast

The vegetarian breakfast is similar to the classic, except that more tasty cheese is served here and of course it does not contain any meat. We have also listed everything here for you.
The sweet breakfast

The sweet one

For those guests who don't like it hearty in the morning, we have our sweets. Your mouth is already watering while reading, take a look and enjoy! Your sweety start in the day .
A vital breakfast

The vital one

A healthy, digestible and vital start for your day in Calheta in Madeira! Choose our vital breakfast and enjoy all kinds of healthy foods. Here are the details for you!

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